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Waterproof Tanking Kit - Medium - up to 5m² cover

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  • Product Code:AQ 4.5kg 1L Acr, 5m, 2x in, 2x pc II
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Sealing set for under-tile waterproofing - Medium set

The set consists of:

  • sealing compound Aqua Build Liquid Foil  – 4.5 kg,
  • Aqua Build fleece-backed tape – 5 meters,
  • Aqua Build pipe collars – 2 pieces,
  • Aqua Build inner corner joints – 2 pieces.


Aqua Build Liquid Foil is a ready-to-use, flexible and quick-drying mass for waterproofing inside buildings. It is ideal as a moisture-proof insulation of walls and floors in bathrooms, shower cabins, as well as in kitchens, worktops, etc.

Aqua Build Liquid Foil can be successfully used on:

  • plasterboards,
  • gypsum and ceramic plasters,
  • aerated concrete blocks,
  • cement, anhydrite and wooden floors,
  • existing ceramic or natural stone cladding.

Aqua Build fleece-backed tape is a waterproof and vapor-proof rubber tape with alkali-resistant non-woven fabric. It ensures continuity of waterproofing in critical places, such as wall-wall or wall-floor joints and expansion joints.


Aqua Build Liquid Foil is a ready-to-use, one-component blue paste based on synthetic resins in water dispersion. Is characterised by:

  • consistency enabling easy application of the mass to vertical, horizontal and inclined surfaces,
  • quick evaporation of water,
  • perfect adhesion to the ground,
  • flexibility, so it can be used on surfaces exposed to microcracks,
  • resistance to cleaning products and detergents.

Aqua Build fleece-backed tape is characterized by:

  • high flexibility and deformability,
  • resistance to alkalis, acids and salt solutions.


Substrate preparation:

  1. Before applying Aqua Build Liquid Foil, the substrate must be strong, clean, dry, degreased, free of paint, wax, etc. residues and protected against rising damp.
  2. Absorbent and gypsum substrates should be primed with Acryler Primer.


  1. Apply Aqua Build Liquid Foil using a roller or brush evenly over the entire surface in a thin layer of approximately 1 mm. Before applying any subsequent layers, make sure that the previous layer is completely dry.
  2. Aqua Build fleece-backed tape should be used at wall-wall or wall-floor joints. The surface should be covered with a layer of Aqua Build Liquid Foil and then the tape should be applied to the still fresh liquid membrane.
  3. Cover the edges of the tape with Aqua Build Liquid Foil for approximately 2 mm, leaving the center free.
  4. In the places where the tape sections are joined, overlaps of at least 5 cm should be made of liquid membrane.
  5. In critical places, such as vertical and horizontal corners and pipe and drain passages, it is recommended to use specially profiled pipe collars. After sticking, the collars should be completely covered with Aqua Build Liquid Foil.

Ceramic tiles can be installed on absorbent substrates after 12-24 hours, and on non-absorbent substrates after 4-5 days.


  • Consistency: paste.
  • Colour: blue.
  • Application temperature: from +5°C to +30°C.
  • Complete drying time at 23°C: 5 hours.
  • Cleaning tools: wash with water.
  • Consumption: approximately 1.1 kg/m² with a total thickness of 2 layers: 1mm.
  • Storage: 18 months.