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                                 Welcome to MASTA Build online store.

Masta Build is a family company founded in 2016. We decided to use our many years of experience in customer service and building industry to create something that was missing on the market. We created manufacturing and trading business from scratch and now we can provide you with extraordinary building materials that will meet your needs and fill the void present in big chain building supplies stores.

In the first year of operating Masta Build launched their first product range called AQUA Build. The purpose of this line of chemicals is to seal the tiles in rooms exposed to moisture and water, that are prone to damp and water damage. It does wonders in interiors like bathrooms, toilets, showers, kitchens as well as any commercial spaces that require use of water like saunas, pools, restaurants, hospitals, schools and many more.

Combination of our AQUA Build products and our other building supplies will give you years of protection against water, damp and leaks. 100% waterproof tiled surfaces were our aim while creating this range and we are happy to confirm we succeeded.

We are not the only one claiming it works. Apart from customers all around United Kingdom we gained trust from DIY enthusiast from around the Europe including Republic of Ireland, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain and Italy. Masta Build is proud to say not only private clients are happy to use our products, but small and big companies decided to give us a try too. Our products have been used on projects of all sizes like hotels, restaurants as well as whole neighbourhoods of new build houses. Hundreds of builders cannot be wrong.

Thanks to your ongoing support and trust in our products we can continue developing new ideas, solutions and supplies. Masta Build will keep improving its formulas, create new products and fill the gaps in building supplies market as long as you are with us.

Thank you for choosing to support us – together we can build better.

Anna and Maciej Stachurski




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