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Aqua Build Tanking Kit 5m² coverage Waterproofing Essentials

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  • Product Code:AQUA BUILD 4.5kg 1L Acrylic 10m Fleece-backed Tape
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Aqua Build Tanking Kit 5m² contains:

1.) 4.5 kilograms of LIQUID FOIL coating
2.) 1 litre of Acrylic Primer
3.) 10 metres of Waterproof Tape

LIQUID FOIL is a ready-to-use, one-component, elastic sealing compound for waterproofing walls, floors and ceilings inside and outside buildings. Widely used for sealing showers, bathrooms and wet rooms. It is also used for sealing terraces, balconies and garages. It is especially useful as an insulation for plasterboards, plywood boards and backer boards that will be covered with tiles. Can be applied on other surfaces such as concrete, plaster or wood.

LIQUID FOIL  is a high quality mixture of polymeric binder, mineral fillers and modifying agents. Applied product does not pass water after drying. Fills hairline cracks in the substrate. It has excellent adhesion to most materials. It reduces the risk of cracks forming in cladding materials as a result of different thermal expansion of the substrate and cladding. After drying, it is frost-resistant.


Apply on a clean, load-bearing surface free from dust, dirt, paint residues and grease. Fill cracks and holes. To reduce the absorbency of the substrate, use an ACRYLIC PRIMER. Reinforce corners and joints with Waterproof Tape embedded in a fresh layer of LIQUID FOIL.

Mix contents thoroughly before use. Next, apply the material onto the prepared substrate using a brush or mason brush, in two layers. Apply the second coat after the previous dries (about 3 hrs.). Fresh plaster and cement floors can be sealed, after at least 28 days from the time the application.

Protect surfaces covered with LIQUID FOIL against mechanical damage and rain until completely dry. Clean tools with water immediately after use.


Store the product in closed original packaging. The manufacturer is not liable for  misuse of the product or not following instructions on the packaging.

Appearance: blue semi-liquid putty,

Used and stored at air and ground temperatures of: from 5 to 30°C (also applies to drying),

Drying time: full mechanical strength after 3 days

Interval between the application of the last layer and laying tiles: min. 24 hours.,

Water exposure: after 7 days of application,

Density: about 1.5 g/cm3,

Consumption: 1.1 kg / m2 with a total thickness of 2 layers: 1 mm,

Warranty: 18 months from date of manufacture on the original sealed packaging

Tape length: 10 metres

Tape width: 120 mm