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1x Waterproof Tanking Strong Pipe Collar 17mm-35mm Ø, 120mm ⇄

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Aqua Build Waterproof Tanking Pipe Sleeve


 PES Non-woven Sealing Waterproof Tanking Tape is designed for sealing the joints between walls & floors, wall corners, joints, pipes and culverts, etc. These tapes are the elements of the waterproofing system. High resistance to strong chemicals makes this product an excellent waterproofing barrier for such rooms as laboratories, hospitals, car washes. The sealing material is a thermoplastic polyester elastomer on fabric reinforcement. This tape is not self-adhesive. We advise you to use our product AQUA BUILD Liquid Foil Waterproof Tanking Membrane to apply tape to the surface. Fleece backed.


For Pipes size: 17mm - 35mm

Colour of the strip:  green

Total width: 120mm

Thickness: 0.66mm

Material weight: 364g/m

Temperature resistance: - 30 ° C / + 90 ° C

Certification: DIN EN ISO 9001:2008