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3L INTERIOR Acrylic Paint Matt Finish WHITE

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Are you moving out? Or maybe moving in?

Would you like to refresh your bedroom? Hall? The dining room? Or living room? Would you like to change it? Paint it all white?

Whatever it is, you need the New Start paint. For a good new start :) 


New Start - modern, water-borne acrylic paint intended for painting walls and ceilings inside buildings. It can be used on such substrates as: gypsum, cement, cement-lime plasters, bricks, concrete and wood, plasterboards and wallpapers. It gives a homogeneous, well-covering, matte coating with exceptional whiteness. It is resistant to abrasion. Provides the so-called "wall breathing".

Surface preparation and application: 

It is recommended to clean the surface to be painted, remove loose paint patches, degrease and dry. Remove old paint coatings as far as possible. Fill any defects with putty, plaster or plaster. Paint fresh mineral plasters not earlier than 3-4 weeks after application. Loosely bound, highly absorbent surfaces should be primed with a priming and reinforcing agent. Apply with a roller, brush or after diluting with a spray. Before putting into operation, ventilate the rooms until the odour disappears.


Due to the technologies and raw materials used, the manufacturer is not responsible for the consequences of mixing its products with paints from other manufacturers. In the case of self-colouring by the customer with pigment pastes, a mixing and painting test should be carried out on smaller samples. The paint should be stored in its original and tightly closed packaging. Before putting the room into service, ventilate the room until the odour disappears. Keep away from children. In case of eye contamination, rinse them with plenty of water. In case of eye irritation or ingestion, immediately seek medical advice, show the packaging or label.

⚫ paint with a roller, brush or spray,

⚫ use and store at + 5-30 ° C,

⚫ drying time: about 2 hours,

⚫ number of layers: 2-3,

⚫ efficiency: up to 8 m2 / l,

⚫ washing tools: tap water

⚫ Hygienic Certificate NIZP-PZH,

⚫ cat. A / a / FW. The permissible VOC content for this category: 30 g / l, the product contains <30 g / l.

⚫ Standard: PN-C-81914: 2002

⚫ 18-month warranty from the production date (shown on the cover)