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  • 5kg STUCCOLINI® Smooth Finish Universal Multi-Purpose Acrylic Crack Filler

5kg STUCCOLINI® Smooth Finish Universal Multi-Purpose Acrylic Crack Filler

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STUCCOLINI Acrylic Filler

Stuccolini is a ready-to-use, acrylic water-based leveling compound designed for leveling rough surfaces inside and outside of: plasters, concrete, plaster, wood, and even metal surfaces, after protecting them with an anti-corrosion coating. Thanks to its plasticity, it works perfectly when renovating monuments. During the application it can be easily modeled, and after drying it has the appropriate hardness and durability.

Stuccolini - properties

It contains an aqueous acrylic dispersion, natural mineral fillers and preservatives,

It is easy to spread on large surfaces, creating a smooth, hard, grindable layer,

Compared with gypsum finishing coats it has: better adhesion to smooth surfaces, greater resistance to mechanical damage and provides wider possibilities in choosing a topcoat,

It is not an independent coating, surfaces covered with a putty should be painted with the appropriate surface paint before putting into operation,

Layer thickness 1-3 mm,

The size of grains 0-60 μm,

Has a Hygienic Attestation NIZP-PZH (a product designed for filling surfaces and cracks outside buildings and inside living quarters, public facilities, health care, storage and production, including in the food industry - without direct contact with food).

Preparation of the substrate

The surface to be smoothed must be thoroughly cleaned, loose layers of paint removed, wallpaper, degreased and vacuumed,

Fresh cement-lime plaster can be filled only after 3-4 weeks of seasoning,

Metal surfaces should be primed with anti-corrosion paint,

Apply the mixture with a putty knife or a masonry float to the prepared surface,

After drying, sand with sandpaper,

You can apply all kinds of emulsion, oil and phthalic primers and paints to the exactly dried and dusted layer - it gives good adhesion for most surface paints, eg Biellux, Bielanit, Bielanit Pro, Latex Mat, Latex Satin, Latex Ceramic, etc.