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0.7L WOOD & METAL Indoor/Outdoor WHITE Semi-matt Paint

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Non-yellowing, water-borne acrylic enamel for decorative and protective painting of wooden, wood-based and metal surfaces, as well as plasters (e.g. panelling) inside and outside. The obtained matte coatings show very good adhesion to the substrate, high durability and flexibility as well as good resistance to mechanical damage. Additional advantages of the enamel are: a mild smell during painting and a much shorter drying time compared to typical solvent-based enamels. Due to the low emission of volatile components, it can be used in rooms for permanent stay of people. Appropriate composition gives the coating good resistance to changing weather conditions and water.


The surfaces to be painted should be dry, clean, free of greasy stains and dust. The raw, dried wooden substrate should be impregnated and applied with a primer paint, sanded and thoroughly dusted after drying. Thoroughly wash the places with resin with gasoline and dry. Old gloss phthalic or oil enamel coatings should be roughened with sandpaper and thoroughly vacuumed. An unpainted metal substrate should be primed with anti-corrosion paint. Inaccurate surface preparation can cause flaking and other coating defects. Before use, the enamel should be thoroughly mixed. Paint the prepared, dry surface with undiluted enamel (in commercial form). In the event of its thickening, it can be slightly diluted with drinking water immediately before use. Avoid excess water, excessive thinning worsens the quality of the coating. Painting work should be carried out at the substrate and ambient temperature above + 10 ° C and air humidity below 80%, with a flat brush with soft bristles, a sponge (flock) roller or spray. Apply the next layers after about 4 hours. (lower temperature and higher air humidity extend the drying time). The coating is completely dry in room conditions after 24 hours. Wash the painting equipment in water immediately after finishing work.


Keep out of the reach of children. Protect against direct contact with the product. In case of contamination, wash the skin with water and soap, change contaminated clothes. Rinse eyes immediately with plenty of running water for at least 20 minutes. Seek medical attention if irritation occurs.

Coating appearance: smooth, semi-matt,

Paint with a roller, brush or after appropriate dilution with a spray,

Paint in air and substrate temperature: + 10-25 ° C

Storage at + 5-30 ° C

Drying time, depending on the substrate and environmental conditions: approx. 4hrs

Painting the next layer: not earlier than after 4 hours,

Recommended number of layers: 1-3, 

Coverage: 8-10 m2 / l,

Washing tools and diluting: water,

Hygienic Certificate NIZP-PZH,

Standard: PN-C-81907: 2003,

Warranty: 18 months from the production date