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Strong PES Waterproof Tanking Outer Corner Joint

  • Product Code: Type V Tanking Inner Joint
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1x AQUA BUILD Strong PES Waterproof Tanking Outer Corner Joint


AQUA BUILD Tanking Tape is a waterproofing tape, easy to apply, for interior use underneath tiles, walls and floors, pipe entries, corner joints in wet rooms, wet areas like shower, bathroom or kitchen. Special coated PES non woven material, very strong, thin and resistant to ageing.

THIS IS NOT SELF-ADHESIVE TAPE. We recommend using waterproof tanking membrane (liquid foil) to attach the tape to the substrate.


Colour of the strip: green

Width of the central strip: 7cm

Total width: 12cm

Thickness: 0.66mm

Material weight: 37g/m

Temperature resistance: - 30 ° C / + 90 ° C