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50m Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Tanking "TYPE III" Tape

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50m AQUA BUILD Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Tanking Tape "TYPE III"


AQUA BUILD Tape III is made of a polyethylene film with a special non-woven fabric on both sides, for better bonding with the adhesive. Designed for sealing the joints between walls & floors, wall corners, shower trays, pipes and culverts, etc. AQUA BUILD Tape III is recommended for home wet rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, showers, balconies, terraces as well as for professional use like swimming pools, hospitals, schools.

This tape is not self-adhesive. For application we recommend you to use the AQUA BUILD Liquid Foil. You can also use any type of flexible tile adhesive.

Features and benefits:

 + Special fleece-lined rubber tape

 + Crack-bridging, high reliability when cracks in the substrates form at a later stage

 + Impermeable to water and resistant to frost, all-purpose use indoors and out

 + Resistant to ageing, insensitive to environmental influences

 + Resistant to limewater as well as chlorinated water, all-purpose use indoors and out as well as in chlorinated swimming pools

Total width: 120mm

Thickness: 0.66mm

Material weight: 37g/m

Temperature resistance: - 30 ° C / + 90 ° C

Certification: DIN EN ISO 9001:2008